Monday, August 4, 2008

Almost Glad


This is a re-draw of something I did about 10 or 15 years ago.
It splits people into two.
Some laugh when they get to the last panel.

Others go quiet.

Arrrgh ! I posted this the other day, and what with it using a font and all. I spell checked it first.
Torcher wasn't highlighted as it means One who gives light with a torch, or as if with a torch.




Anonymous said...

and some just sigh..


Anonymous said...

I had him down as a ghost

Your Girl said...

I see the humour but I didn't laugh...

Thank you for your comment...

Miz K said...

The look on his face in the last panel made me crack a smile despite myself.

Dave said...

laughed, out loud.

Elizabeth Platt said...

I'm definitely a 'go quiet' type. I love this strip, it's really gentle and sweet but very sad too.

Anonymous said...

FYI It's spelled 'Torture'

Ash Collins said...

you alsow wrote "we're" instead of "were". never mind; its a nice little read. i like things with a dark little twist like that.

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