Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Misogynist? Me? part 2. (oh, and Batman)

Thanks for all your kind comments on the subject of my misogyny.
Special thanks goes to the two ladies who said they liked to be spanked.
My view of Spleenal is that he is a bit misogynistic. Women are his weakness, and he doesn't like that.
But it doesn't matter what he thinks because he's a fuckin' idiot.
I'm guilty of being unenlightened myself though when it comes to women. I objectify women. How can you not? Have you seen women? They're gorgeous!
I know how funny and intelligent my wife is for instance, but when I'm around her I don't want to discuss politics or the arts with her. I just want to "do" her. If you saw her you'd understand.
After I've had my "release" I could probably talk to her then, but I'm usually asleep.

The other day we went to see The Dark knight and on the way as we were driving along she said "Oh you missed it. There were two women kissing in an orange Micra back there."
"What? Really!?!" I said twisting my head round to try and see.
"Yeah, I know," she said. "Orange?!"
I should listen to her more. She is the funny one.

The dark knight was excellent by the way. It's a shame about Heath. It will a brave man who takes on that role again in the future.
But who?
What about me?
Here's a picture of me smiling sweetly. Click on it to see what I might look like as the Joker...


Juan Jose said...

Spleenal really looks like you. Its quite funny.

Sam said...

Aren't we all a bit misogynistic? And a bit of an idiot? I think that's why Spleenal appeals - is that he's a voice to our idiot desires. We want to see him succeed, but first, be dragged through the mud to earn his well-deserved spanking sessions.

And you're right - women are gorgeous. And they're all slutty, they just hide it better then men.

Anonymous said...

jesus fucking shitchrist that is terrifyingly terrific.

Froth said...

Spleenal I think you could pull it off. I love your comics. I hope you don't mind but I did a "Cliffcature" based on that pic you just posted.

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