Thursday, July 24, 2008

The day after the end of time part 8

ow! Nearly there with this one. Just a few more pages (13ish I think should do it).
And for those of you who's ears are also bleeding (from trying to figure out who's who, and what's happening,) you'll be glad to know that things are going to get simpler from now on.

Oh yes, that bit in part three where Spleenal does a time jump on a bridge, and the bridge isn't there in the future, that wasn't just there as a joke. It was there to introduce the idea that when you jump backwards or forwards in time you don't really know what's going to be there. (like maybe a van) Is all this wasted? Is it proper writing? does it matter? I'm just trying to blow my own horn here (I used to be able to blow my own horn before I hurt my back)

After that I'll probably go back to dissecting life with my razor sharp wit, and/or jokes about wanking. Which ever is funnier. (wanking with a razor sharp wit. not a good idea)

All though I don't know why. It seems I'll never get published. I got another rejection the other day
"Took some thinking over 'cause I find it quite funny but it is kinda one note and the material could make it hard for us to place in the markets we're best at. Unfortunately, we must pass."
Oooo! Close I think. I think that maybe the reference to the material being hard to place in the market might be about the sex? I could take all the sex out of Spleenal? No, I'll not do that.
"One note"? I disagree there. It's about sex and frustration. That's two notes surely?

Other reasons for not using my talents in the past have been:-

"does not fit with our portfolio." Humm, you publish comics mate. Come down out of your ivory tower.

I've also been told that whilst my cartooning is excellent my writing is not good enough.

And that my writing is my strong point and I should just concentrate on that.
(these points of view were from different publishers)

Hold on.
My writing is no good, and it's my strong point? That doesn't say much does it.


Anonymous said...

Dude, ever saw what Hunt Emerson did with Ferkin the Cat? That's your market. The level of jokes in Ferkin were utter shite and you've got sophisticated themes and stories here. Add a bit'o'gash for the print-only version and you're golden.

Ash Collins said...

hmmmm. spleenal is an excellent comic. lots of webcomic writers end up publishing collections of their own comics. but i think they makes tonnes of money of merchansising first i think.. is that the answer?

Dave said...

I think your stuff is brilliant. The humor reminds me of some of the comics in National Lampoon, back in the early 80's (Trots and Bonnie, Dirty Duck, Timberland Tales), though more explicit. Have you tried that route - those type of humor magazines usually run comics in more than the standard 3-4 panels.

Helskel said...

you sir,

continue to be The Awesome

Terry said...

You are awesome, Spleenal, of that there is no doubt.

I bow to you sir.

Froth said...

two words--Adult Swim

Garen Ewing said...

I wonder if Blank Slate would consider publishing something like Spleenal?

Loving the time-travel yarn, by the way.

Alexiev said...


Best wishes from Buenos Aires...
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Anonymous said...

Love your stuff, but you missed something: thin-beard spleenal goes into the store, but thick-beard spleenal comes out. It's confusing enough as it is...

Anonymous said...

You know what it is? Fact is, all that crap at school about "working hard and getting the right experience will get you a good job" is a load of wank.

In real life, most people succeed completely at random; this is why people you work for are almost always either as- or less competent as you are. Most of the people you are writing to are just lucky tossers who stood in front of the right truckful of money on the right day, and spend every nights lying awake thinking they're going to be found out some day. When they reject your stuff, they're not consulting "Jane's Big Leatherbound Book Of Great Comics Which Will Make You Money", they're just pulling stuff out of theire arses, because, frankly, they wouldn't know another successful moneymaker if it kicked them in the bollocks; "In Hollywood, no-one knows anything".

Keep at it - sheer chance will put your comics in front of the right nose one of these days! Don't forget to try the same ones who rejected you after a decent interval - the gnome who dropped you last time will probably have been sacked by then ;)

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