Sunday, July 13, 2008

The day after the end of time part 5


Anonymous said...


Terry said...

Please pass along a thanks for the tidying up bit.

Miz K said...

I'm really impressed with all the different ways you've managed to go with a fairly straight-forward storyline - all the twists and turns and various Spleenals are really great! This is my favorite so far.

Sam said...

Not my fave so far. I liked the last one best. The sci-fi stuff seems out of place.

I like it best when poor Spleenal has to face the harsh realities of everyday life. That is something you really excel at skewering and bringing your razor sharp observations to. And hilarious.

This current story confuses me somewhat.

Oh, and I'm still waiting for part 2 of the multiple-POV cop/addict/robber/etc story. That was stellar too!!

Froth said...

Sam I think that the POV story said it was 1 of 6 referring to the point of views not that there would be a continuation, though I could be wrong.

Sam said...

I know, I know. I just hope if I keep saying "I'm waiting for parts 5-6" he might do them!!

I think doing one story through the POV of a dead crook would be fascinating.

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