Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The day after the end of time part 4


Raymond Amarantus said...

"Wow this really is sci-fi!"

That has got to be the funniest thing I ever read.

Anonymous said...

Effin right good stuff!!! Spleenal, don't go polishin' the grafixs now, then. Keep 'em crude, man. Crude.

Your Girl said...

I wanted to say hello, I've been a long time lurker (probably almost a year) and I love watching little spleens little adventures. He is so naughty I wish I knew him in real life.

I'm getting a little lost with all the backwards and forwards and multiple spleens though. Maybe my brain is just a little fried this week?

&Rew said...

i love the lables on these.

i'm all for keeping it crude to.

spleens need to be animated dammit. i'm going to vote for them this election season in the states. ;-)


sahana said...

the last panels seem to have a touch of the movie- eternal sunshine of a spotless mind -

Mary Ellen said...

I've pointed your blog out to my daughter and she got such a kick out of it. Great job, kiddo.

Mike said...

This is bloody brilliant! Thanks.

Froth said...

You continue to raise the bar with these. Have you ever thought about making an animated version?

Am I correct in thinking that the house number 42 wasn't a coincidence?

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Hey! I got here via Herge's blog. Your cartoon's are fan-bloody-tastic! I just love the facial expressions and I'm always a sucker for convoluted time-travel, having done some myselves.

Right. Off to see some more...

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