Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Un-Bound Part Twelve.

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Anonymous said...





that was awesome, bro


Herge Smith said...

Fuck me you draw fast!

Brilliant, loved it - you are better than ever - why are you STILL not world famous yet???

Why SPLEENAL WHY!!!????!!!

Herge Smith said...

Oh and thank you hot wheels... thank you.

Ash Collins said...

fucking brilliant. the hot wheels track thing was genius. those tits were mad, where the fuck dyou find em?

matthewgiraudeau said...

Dunno if I've mentioned that you are really good. Well done sir.

Raymond Amarantus said...

Thank you Hot Wheels indeed!

Anonymous said...


Terry said...

Way to finish it out!
Good show, old boy!

Dave Shelton said...

And ... relax...

Congratulations and thank you, Spleenal.

IBerg said...

I F-ing loved it! The boobs had me cracking up. Well done. Did Spleenal study boxing in his youth, cause he's got a mean hook? Well done, very not weird indeed.

Sam said...

Thank you Hot Wheels, indeed.

Ah, in a perfect world, we all have wives with open minds, like ol' Spleenal.

I wish my BozCat would give me a 10% raise...

Good work. Love the wonky smile as Spleenal has his "me time".

Anonymous said...

Masterpiece. Spleenal is a new moral hero.

greg oakes said...

LMAO... love it!! Freakin' funny cartoons man!! Great stuff!! :) By the way, thanks for your comment! Take care! ~go

Anonymous said...

That's a great ending for this series.

When you mentioned you might give your cartoon hero the same problem you've had, I was afraid it would become too focused on this specific subject. However, I was proven wrong - I liked the strips, no matter where the ideas for them came from. Right on!

lassmann said...

awesomeness.. again!

but.. did you ever tell if this is a true story?

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