Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Un-bound part Ten

click for part One

Kudos to IBerg Who in the comments for the last post guessed that spleenal was just quoting Pulp Fiction.


Herge Smith said...

Is this strip based on you? Can't be, the willy is too big!


IBerg said...

I love this story. I hope you tie back in the postman and what he does with the gun later. I also like how it took Spleenal about 0.5 seconds to strip when he thought he might get some from his wife. I hope the back is doing better. Keep up the great work!

spleenal said...

iberg shut up!
yes the post man will feature later.
stop telling everyone whats coming next. Am i that predictable?

as for my back the doctor says I've burst my coccyx.
No not really but he says I'll be back to throwing the wife around in about a week or two.

IBerg said...

Glad to hear that the back will be ok. I'll STFU now

anony17 said...

I'll send good vibes for a good recovery. Albeit, it's mostly selfish, as if you're in pain you might not do your best work. I wish I had friends so I could tell them to start reading you :)

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