Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Un-bound delay

The hope was to give you the next part of un-bound yesterday but I've hurt my back and this is all I can manage.
If your wife asks you if you need help taking that bookcase upstairs say yes.
She's your wife not some girl you need to impress.


BenefitScroungingScum said...

Oh no, hope you feel better soon x

IBerg said...

OOH that sucks! I hope you feel alright soon.

Sam said...

Take care - nothing hurts worse than a sore back.

"Unbound" is too brilliant for words.

Thieving Sprite. said...

Ow, that had to hurt. Hope you feel better soon.

spleeness said...

oh no, hope you are ok soon! You've been through a lot! I love your strips, just read everyone on your page (to catch up), you are so funny and talented! How do you do the interesting gradients in the background? Are you going to publish a book do you think?

Take care of yourself now...

Raymond Amarantus said...

Take plenty of vicodin.

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