Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rejected! (Tee Hee)

Well the Rejections for Spleenal and Un-bound have started to flood in.
But with a lot of rejections you get a little review too.
Which can be "quite entertaining."

Yes that's right. I sent it.


kmh said...

Well, You rock!

Elizabeth Platt said...

:O You're crazy! I love it :D There's gotta be humour with rejection (sobs into her coffee, but none of that half cafe crap)

Anonymous said...

yeah, some people just dont know a good thing when it hits them in the face


Raymond Amarantus said...

Funny as hell. Get on the ball with Ginger TaTu girl and those slutty nurses.

sam said...

Don't give up! They're crazy to reject your rejection.

Ash Collins said...

hooray for Dylan Moran gags!

Terry said...

that's the spirit!

my brother-in-law papered a room with his rejections.

IBerg said...

That is too funny. You have big brass ones my friend! You make me laugh.

looney said...

You're awesome.
Why don't you just make the rest of it, bind it all yourself, and refuse to show it on your site so we have to buy it from you?
It would take a bit of money to produce yourself, but I think you could get us to buy your comics instead of giving them to us for free? Or give us the first page...then make us buy the rest...
And if you throw in some spankings, I'll fly from Texas to buy it in person...:)

Dm said...

OMG, absolute genius!!!
Hilarious is an understatement!


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