Friday, March 7, 2008

You love it don't you, you dirty bastards!

I have google analytics installed in my blog which allows me to see that no one really reads it.
Well at first that was the case, over time the numbers have increased slowly. Now I'm up to the 30 to 50 visitors a day mark. (I used to average about 2).
Then I put that dirty, pervy, kinky, spanking comic up...

So as you can see a flatish lumpy bumpy line around the 40 mark then...

It more than doubles!
You like that do you? You like it when I do that? Do it that way?

Analytics shows you where the traffic came from too, and about 20% of this blip came from a forum in myspace.
I couldn't find me when I went looking. Who do I have to thank? Is it you?

And what do you do in a forum? Never actually been in one my self.


Terry said...

It's an art blog on myspace called WAN4 (world artist network). I've been trying to spread the word about you.

For the record, there were many positive reviews, with some thanking me for showing them your blog. So feel good about yourself, Spleen.

spleeness said...

Hey, can you make me a dirty spanking picture to put on *my* spleen blog to make the hits go up? I'll only need one frame. Then maybe I can go from 2 visitors a day to 4. lol!

Seriously that was brilliant. And I bet this is just the beginning.

Anonymous said...

I have been one of the 3 or 4. I loved you so much I wanted to import you to Canada, but finances prevent me from doing so. The big difference I noticed is that you actually made a cover for your comic. I felt this to be a sign of a big revolution in the way you perceive your work. I know I am not alone in being at fault for not thanking you enough for your talent. PS I really like the "Art College" theme you've had running through the blog. The reference in the old "mistaken identity" college girl cartoon could have been a stand alone panel.

Ash Collins said...

if you get a Feedjit (like on my blog) it tells you what pages on the web people have come from - for example, it will tell you if someone got to your blog by searching google for "kinky spanking" etc!

Jim said...

Yep; you can thank Terry for some of the spike. I discovered you through his post on WAN4. Brilliantly twisted stuff here Spleen; I'm definently a new fan of your work!

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