Monday, March 17, 2008


As you can no doubt see I have opted for a wingdings type thing instead of actually writing the word "fucking" The question is. Is it less funny because of that? I thought at first I might be doing a bit of self censorship, which I'm not normally into, but I think that it works because the new letters look angry.
I don't tend to shy away from using words like "fuck" and "shit" though I don't remember saying "cunt" yet. (oops)
No hold on I did use it once, a while ago. So that's twice now.

Anyway it's better than just using f**king astrix's! I hate those c**ts!


Jim said...

I think that it can work either way. The dingbats look angrier than the actual word, and in some strips (like this one) that can work better. Robert Crumb wasn't shy about using swear words in his strips (Fat Freddy's Cat, Mr. Natural, etc.), but he also used dingbats when he wanted more impact. I think it's a matter of the artist choice and what you're going for.


Ash Collins said...

in this case, i think the wingdings thing is funny purely because of the content of the cartoon. otherwise, i violently oppose censorship (although asterisks are good becasue it turns swearing into a guessing game)

Anonymous said...

In this particular case the wingdings are funny.

I guess the important thing is target audience - you're not writing for ten year olds, so f*ck 'em.

No, don't actually... urgh! oh, never mind.

The point is, this is a blog for adults (kinda) and the cartoons are for adults. That said, most kids know more rude words than I do these days...

Froth said...

I think that it works in this particular situation. Truthfully didn't even notice till you pointed it out.

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