Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Spleenal's Spanky spank comic Part two

Oops! Sorry this part is now only available from Blankslate books, You can buy it by clicking these words. But check out the comments.
You want it don't you!


LFW said...



amazing that we managed to see the wife's thoughts and her different take on the situation. The sad thing is her not feeling guilty is mostly true, ha ha.

I think guilt is a guy thing.

This was so so funny, and it had sex and everything, what it didn't have though was a high speed car chase.

thanks for finishing this comic, I'm glad I was able to finish reading it

cheers to you

your fan


Terry said...

just tremendous!

thanks Spleenal.

Dave Shelton said...

A work of filthy genius. Thank you.

BenefitScroungingScum said...

OMFG, I totally love it!! I disagree with LFW though, we women do guilt impressively well!
Conrats on a fantastic job. BG x

Ash Collins said...

this is fucking amazing! dude this needs publishing RIGHT NAOW!!! its truly brilliant!

looney said...

I love this! So funny!

Rob Bodnar said...

Funny as hell

butterfly said...

Totally brilliant, spleenal. Filthy and fantastic -- that big load-blow is so terribly XXX and yet, it seems so innocent because of the cuteness of the characters involved, which of course makes it that much more hilarious and filthy in its incongruous nature. The look on her face when she is thrown across the room onto the bed, with her hair flying behind her! LOL

And I love the wife's solution of joining the secret fun -- if only spleenal knew...hmmmmmmmm? Will he ever find out???

submissive slut beaten-red ass cheeks -- fun for the whole family!

Freddy said...


Anonymous said...

Absolutely phenomenal!

Anonymous said...

first I wondered if you were living out secret desires through the man (lol) but then when I saw the woman's character develop, knew you were just brilliant at story-telling! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Just very, very cool. More power to ya!

P.S. said...

Wonderfully true to life.

It's like you're telling my story (okay, my dream story.)

Keep up the great work. Spleenal is a true original.

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