Sunday, March 23, 2008

How do you feel

How do you feel about your Government?
Do you trust them?
...To keep you and yours safe from those who'd do us all so much harm?
Perhaps you do, or don't.
It doesn't matter either way.
What matters is this...

The powers you grant your leader today are passed on to tomorrows leader.
And the leader after him.
You don't know this person,
You've never seen them.
Never heard them.
And yet we give them everything they need to make us go away.


ilginece said...

how do I feel about my government?
well, i'm being governed by some people who are less educated and civilised than me, who claims that aprx 50% of the votes "empowered" them. they are also some kind of government who try to validate islamic rules in a secular country.
hello, i live in turkey and i'm worried abt my government.
what about yours?

Anonymous said...

I like the way our 'alledged' Labour government has done more to increase the gulf between rich and poor than the Tories ever did (and no doubt they were actually trying too!).

What happened to socialisim?

And now we are skirting around the edge of a precipitous recession... in which the working classes will suffer even more than they do currently.

The one thing of note that Gordon Brown has done - is hand over more power to the House Of Lords, making it impossible for a PM to lead his country to war despite massive protests and open rebellion amongst his own party... (take note Tony)

And you can't even begin to discuss immigration with out sounding like a member of the BNP because of political correctness. Grrrrr.

Jim said...

Not much better on the other side of the pond; we somehow managed to elect a warmongering idiot for president, not once, but twice. Funny how that happened when not many I know admit to voting for him, and I know I sure as hell didn't...
Scarier yet are the hands that move the puppet in the chair, the powers behind the throne. Lot's of folks calling for impeachment, just not many of them in Congress...

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