Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Eisner award winning Spleenal.


Anonymous said...

"Alan Moore was watching..."


Another daily hit of cartoon gold.

Thank ye.

spleenal said...

little kid
"PMSL" ?
Personnel Management Services Ltd?
Progressive Management Solutions Ltd?
Peninsula Medical School lunchroom?

Miguel said...

I bet Warren Ellis was watching via ultra hip videocasting technology.

Jim said...

That ratbastard Millar stole the Eisner from you!!!

(PMSL- Pissing My-Self Laughing)

Freddy said...

I went to school with Alan Moore.

It's a tenuous claim to fame, but ...

Jupiter's Girl said...

You make me laugh. Wanna exchange links with Jokemail? I'll buzz him if you do. I took over for him - posting a joke a day - almost a year ago now.

Dan Thompson said...

pretty good. well done.

JesterCard said...

Do you have a rss feed?

spleenal said...

what's a rss feed?

toxiferous said...

Ha! This is fantastic! (I got so wrapped up in reading your comics that I almost forgot to put my trash out. It would have been worth it though.) :)

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I laughed *and* I learned what PMSL is.


Rob Hopcott said...

Wonderful ideas :-)

They'll keep me in story lines for years :-)

Great blog!

Aarti said...

Ahahaha, just keep going. One day you'll win one.

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