Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Best TV show box set ever.

Most of the good shows in the 70s, 80s, 90, had a formula.

In Knight rider a single mother and her son would be getting forced off their farm for some reason until Michael Knight turned, up in Kitt, to jump over some hay bales and save the day.

The A-Team would have to help Murdock out of the hospital so they could fly somewhere, knock BA out, then stop a single mother and her son getting forced off their land, but not before getting locked up by the bad guys in the new yankee workshop.

Blah blah blah. You get the picture.

So the idea for best tv series box set ever is a collection of the none formula episodes.

We’ll start with the one were Michael Knight loses his memory, though you may want the evil Carr episode.

Then I’d want that two parter where the A-Team actually got caught by the Army. (it was a two parter wasn't it?)

We can't do this without those episodes of Miami vice where Sonny Crocket thought he was a hit man.

The final episode of quantum leap. (goes without saying)

From Starsky and hutch I’d have the one where Starsky is under cover when he gets food poisoning and hutch has to find where he’s hidden himself (am I the only one who remembers that?)

Got the idea?

There’s still some holes.
What about Charlie’s angels?
The Incredible Hulk?
Dukes of hazard?
Any more?


Anonymous said...

Your memory is faulty re Starsky and Hutch. It was a bet they made that Starsky couldn't find Hutch if he really wanted to hide. Hutch then got botulism from eating uncooked soup from a can and Starsky frantically raced to find him Before It Was Too Late.

There's a whole world of Starsky and Hutch fans out there who remember every detail!

Ian Mayor said...

The epsiode of Magnum P.I. where he gets stuck out at sea, fends off a shark and survives a storm.

I'd never buy this compilation though, nostalgia TV generally turns out to shite.

spleenal said...

yes you're right. He was drinking gallons of cold soup and filling up the car with empty cans of the crap.

yes it does turn out to be shite most of the time. Knight rider is a case in point.
I must have missed that episode of magnum. It does sound different though.

paul Kell said...

What about the Pamela Ewing 'it was all a dream' episode in Dallas?

Or does that not fit in to the whole action characters vibe?!

Check out this link...

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