Sunday, February 10, 2008

So what (the hell) am I doing then? Part two

Well I thought I was better, but it's taking longer than I thought.

The other day I was supposed to go to a drink and draw evening (the idea is you go along, drink booze and see what you end up drawing. It's where I usually draw babes wearing coats.) but instead I ended up going to bed at 8:30!
All this lying around on the couch with my tongue hanging out of the side of my mouth has given me time, though, to think about my next move.
I had decided a while ago not to tone down my cartoons in the pursuit of fortune, and just keep pushing the jokes about a little guy who likes to wank a lot.

Which brings me to "spank the wife part 2"
Originally I had part two all written out in my head. Spleenal continues his affair but his mask starts to slip and he fails to keep up his dominant male persona going. He starts being really nice and caring towards his submissive female saying stuff like " What would you like to do?" and " Yes sure, I'll do anything for you, you know that" She finds having to pick the film to go to ect a real turn off and ends it with him around the same time that Spleenal realises that he should stick with his wife.
The end.

We've seen this story before. Some guy or girl has a wild time with drink, drugs and or sex, but in the end realises that being really fucking boring is the best thing. End of film.


Those stories, the end always seemed to be an apology for the rest of the film. Or perhaps someone some where thinks to themselves "If we have the main character go off the rails on drugs, we can have him screw some sluts. Which means we can show some tits, but it will be alright because at the end we'll either have him die or go boring with the love of a good woman who doesn't rub her boobs on the lens.

Those stories about people who decide to turn their back on an endless line of coked up babes. Are they for me? Are they telling me not to bother with any wild times because in the end i'll some how tire of it and want to be like everyone else?

The film Secretary of course doesn't do this. The normal hollywood route to take would be to have the secretary get spanked and abused all over the office for an hour and a half and then in the last 15 minuets she decides that this is not the way to go on and the best thing to do is marry someone else who "respects" her.

I took the spanking from Secretary. It seemed a nice way of showing something pervy without having to show, well you know, it going in.

Well, anyway I've decided to take more from Secretary. That whole not compromising thing.
So I've been lying around, not doing anything, thinking about part two and its total lack of moral centre.

Having said all that. I got to page three (in my head) and thought "shit! you can't draw that!"

or can I?

I wouldn't hold my breath though it took me a month to do part one.


Terry said...

First of all, I comment on your blog almost as much as I comment on all other blogs put together. Take that as you like, but I think it means that I really believe in your work. So that's at least two of us.

You seem to have thought this through very well. Kudos to you for seeing the pattern of most film! I think you have it figured out.

Lastly, take this character wherever it's fun for you. No milder, no darker, no "whatever" in search of an audience. The mistake so many make is to boil things down to the lowest common denominator. Keep being unique. Whenever I've wondered if I should post something- "is this too weird"- those were the posts that were by far the most noisily received.

Lost Moai said...

I'm eagerly awaiting the next uncompromising installment.

+1 to your fanbase.

Anonymous said...

1) you draw whatever the fup you want!

2) What Drink & Draw? no-one told me! bastards ;)

spleeness said...

Nothing kills creativity more than censorship, go ahead and say whatever you want however you want. And add another one to your fan fase (or at least another spleen ;)

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