Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dodgy. very dodgy.


So I did a cartoon about Spleenal pretending to be someone else on the internet (see last cartoon) An experiment in vectors and an actual real font. I didn't like it much, but that's besides the point.

The point is he was pretending to be someone else, a bi-curious goth teen. dodgy.
I got the idea from a friend of mine who spends some time in second life. Someone in there told him the story of a married woman who met someone in second life she wanted to meet in real life. The guy said he was a 45 year old banker or truck driver or something or other. What's important is that they got on well in second life and the woman in question was up for an affair in real life.

Well anyway she went along to meet him and this 45 year old guy turned out to be a 17 year old girl!

You never can tell can you.

There's a younger version of second life my son goes on some times called rune scape. In it everyone is a wizard, monk, knight ect. His friends in it are friends he has in real life.
I keep half an eye on it as any parent should.

Yesterday (the day after my last post) my wife noticed that there was someone new in his list of friends (I'll not say who, for this post I'll call them jango18)
Questions were asked "Who's jango18 ?" and so on. It was someone he'd met in the game.
Humm, not so sure about this "No one has ever asked you anything about your self in the real world have they?" Jango18 had. He'd asked how old he was.
My son lied and said 13. Jango18 had then said "Me too"

Humm. This was making me feel uneasy. So I sat with him for an hour today reading everything that was said, Jango18 didn't ask anymore personal info but he did give my son a sword and a shield for free.
Humm free. Interesting is not the word.

The wife and I decided that we would not let him go on again, and that night (tonight) I gave him the stranger danger talk again. My son said that jango18 was a friend not a stranger and that he'd gotten lots of free things off him, money, swords ect.

Does that happen? Do people give away stuff to other people for free? Even in cyberspace?

Course not. They always want something in return. Sometimes it is friendship, sometimes it's something else.


Ian Mayor said...


As an old World of Warcraft player, it wasn't uncommon to give loot away if the value of it was neglegible and it was of more use to others in your party (even if you didn't know them).

Chances are this is just a 13 year old who could be from anywhere, you're wise to watch it, but unless he asks more personal questions, I wouldn't worry too much.

Maarten Rijs said...

totally agree.

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