Thursday, December 13, 2007

New idea for a tv show

There's a new idea over in my other blog "idea for a TV show."
A drama.

The synopsis is this.
A kid hurts her knee. Then some people die. Then there's some voyeurism, some home made porn, some sex, some more sex, a sex blog, then a murder, a frame up, another murder then some blackmail.

It's extra long so what i've done is shove a few numbers in at the start of a scene so that you can think to yourself "Fuck! my eyes are fucked! Where am I? Scene 22. Right I'll pick up from there tomorrow"

I've all so given the major players different colours to try highlight the dialog as you can format it exactly like a proper script.

i originally wrote it so that i could make a graphic novel out of it but don't have the time so now it's tv or film a script

I've sent it off to a couple of places but my list of places to send these things to is very short.
If any of you lot know of anyone, please let me know.


Maarten Rijs said...

maaan that was awesome. I didnt have diner just so I could finish reading.

if it doesnt get to be a tv show you could always make it a book or something.

your a great writer dude, enjoyed reading it a lot.

Chick said...

Sounds I'd enjoy every minute of it while eating popcorn with extra butter & masterbating.

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea for a sketch. Postman comes a'knockin' one morning with the usual 'pay-per-deliver' crap, a bill, another bill, a bill for an other, a 45 rpm soul record and a small, white box, housing a (presumably small) wire sculpture for 'those at numba 16....they're not in...can yous take it, like'? "Yeah, no problem, you're not on strike again this year are you...that 7 dayer was f**king soul 45 fix ran dry and I got the shakes something rotten...and...and what's that name, auto-what, eh?". ' loonie'. "Ahh, stick in the mind, that, one...see ya tomorrow." Fast forward a few weeks, one night on the train back from the toon, web stalker's been to Vane to see a show, got there with 5 mins of the one-day exhibiton to spare, saw said show, walked on ice to the art shop, bought 10 metres of canvas and some Rabbit skin granules and got on the train. Random lady helps girl with loose bracelet as girl ipods through her 5 stops back to the student house-share. She can see her daughter sitting there about to lose here bracelet and beams as the girl fumbles to right the wrong on her wrist, grinning back nervously but in a kind of 'deleted that' way. In another dimension auto loonie also boards train, before pulling out sketchbook. Web stalker looks left and prints a mental note on niceday 80gm white. "That's thingy from up the street." ***google image search tits*** "Ha, that's more like it...good lad". So, anyway. Train grunts to Monks, the two baldies (web stalker **to be** and Loonie Tit searcher) get off, Stalker at the front going too slow on the skiddy ice, loonie behind somewhere cursing the 'shall I overtake, yeah, no,' dilema as the frost hits the lungs. Home, keys, in, lives. Web stalker shakes off the cold, grabs a glass of Bull's Blood and googles tit searcher. Loonie says hi to kids and wife.
Sounds like a plan. Number 49. Drinks on me. Anytime you want. Give us a call. This red's good. So is the Guniness. It's a small street without a road running through the middle.

spleenal said...

who the fuck are you, you fuckin' freek!?!

Casdok said...

U think your show sounds great! Has all the right ingredience for a hit!!

soulbrew said...

Now, that's no way to talk to your neighbour. But yes, in hindsight that does all sound a bit odd, eh? Jesus, I'd be freeked (sic) I guess that red went down too fast and easy. Anyway, the work is fascinating - how can I get hold of one of those plastic toy men things or books?

R.Dress said...

It's been a while and I see you have been Keeping things up in here wholesome and raw as usual!!:)!! !
By the way the nature shots you posted a while back came out great!

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