Saturday, December 8, 2007

I had a dream

“So you had a dream. So what?” I hear you moan.

But for me remembering a dream is a pretty big thing, as I never remember. Well hardly ever.

For some reason, I was staying in a hospital in New York. Christ knows why. I wasn’t ill or anything. The guys I was with were all eating bacon sandwiches, but I didn’t have one because I had no money (my wife had my wallet back in England)
So there I was licking my lips hoping for a bite because I was hungry. But none was forthcoming.
Sucks to be me.
My friends noticed my hunger and started laughing at me, so I told them all “fuck yourselves!” and walked out.

I was in New York with no money and for some reason I knew it was the seventies!
I decided to go do some sight seeing, as looking at buildings is free, but failed totally to find any one single landmark. Eventually, however, I did come across a comic shop. “Yes! Get in!” a comic shop in New York in the seventies!
I could see a bunch of people inside flicking through cool underground comics, but couldn’t get in myself. The door seemed locked.

So yeah the door was locked, but people were in there. So I was going to get in to some how.
Maybe through a back door?
I went around the back of the shop and sure enough there was a door. Inside however there was no comic shop to be found. Instead there was a room full of teenage hippies lounging around of sofas and beanbags all kissing each other and feeling each other up. The seemed to be no actual sex going on but a lot of heavy petting.

Then I noticed another door with a glass panel. Through that I could see the comic shop.
Ha, ha! Found it.
I went in and had a great time flicking though all the super cool underground comics. I was especially pleased with a copy of the freak brothers that I hadn’t seen before. Sadly though I had no money, due to my wife having my wallet in England (and the future) so I left the shop the way I’d entered.

Back in to the teenage love in.

Then I noticed that a lot of them were drawing (the ones who weren’t getting off with someone else) I made my way through to the middle of the group and sat down between a redhead and a blonde. The redhead showed me a drawing of Spiderman she had done. While the blonde moved a little closer.
I took a piece of paper and a pen and tried to think of something to draw.
The girls were very interested too.
They asked me what I was going to draw and it was obvious that they were both very attracted to me.
Then it struck me that this was the past, and that there was a lot of stuff I could rip off as my own. I could do tank girl, or hellboy, and there was manga too to rip off. I could cheat and get these two girls in to bed, not that it would be that hard to do they were both really into me big time!

Yes sure I was married but the wife was in England and not born yet so how would she ever find out?
Yes this was it. I was going to bone these two total 70s babes! And hellboy was going to help me do it.

Then I woke up.


Maarten Rijs said...

That illustration is fantastic! Gonna use it as wallpaper.

Tux said...

I am also Freak Brothers aficionado. Rip Off Press also did a run of Fat Freddy's Cat in 1978 by Gilbert Shelton. Hilarious material! I am privileged to own a copy. You might also like a two part series published by Kitchen Sink Comix in 1984 by Rand Holmes entilted "Hitler's Cocaine" starring harold head. My favorite Freak Brothers is the 1980 "A Year Passes Like Nothing With The Fabulous Freak Brothers" (Freak Brothers #3). I assume you make your Speenals out of packaging bits from work.

Casdok said...


ShadowFalcon said...

I rarely remember my dreams but I don't think mine are ever so vivid or as fun

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