Sunday, December 9, 2007

dRInk aND drAw

book cover
statement of intent
sOm3TimeS i gO to dRInk aND drAw, to drINk aNd Draw.
cLicK PicS For mORe 9icS
i ThiNk 1 mAy coLOur in tHe sECond 0ne one dAY


butterfly said...

Ugh! You talented little fucker. I positively L-O-V-E the big coat girl series -- how you don't have a publishing deal and your own show, i'll never understand. Beautiful work ;-D

BTW, I really enjoyed the mossy forest pictures too! Lovely shots in there -- the clover picture was one of my favorites.

Terry said...

"i knew she was trouble when she made me kill that guy"

Funny. And the premise for a few movies.

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