Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Well now it's over ( the whole BBC thing ) I can tell you the whole story.

I've done a couple of scripts and sent them out and about. One of which was to northern film and media. I put my E-mail address on them (what with this being the modern age) so that must have been how they got my E-mail.
I think the BBC probably asked Northern film and media for a bunch of local names to go to this regional "Innovation Lab" they had, and thats how I got the invite.

So far so good.

The invite did say that they were interested in talking to "independent companies" though. Oops, I'm not an independent company, I'm just me!
Aw fuck it, i thought I'm going to go anyway. It doesn't pay to be shy now does it.
Then on monday at 3:15 I got another mail saying...

"Just a reminder, that in order to take part in the labs you need to be a registered SME, or be working with a registered SME"

SME stands for Small and medium enterprise.
Aw fuck it I thought.. I'm going to go anyway. What we Brits call "blag" my way in. I know a small local TV and new media comany. I thought that, when I turn up, if they are there I'll say I'm with them, and if they're not there i'll say I am them!


The day was split into two halves.

The first half was a lot of talking about who the BBC thought they were today, and where they want to go in the future.
And then there was a bunch of stuff about what they want to hear when it comes to the pitch.
"That's nice" I thought."They tell you how to pitch before you pitch."

Then they asked which area you were interested in pitching.
News, and journalism.
And Drama and Entertainment.

There was 5 grand floating around the room for the winner to develop their idea further.

There were five of us who wanted to do the drama and entertainment bit so they lumped us all together and told us to come up with something to pitch in an hour.
"Hold on." I thought. "This is getting away from me here."
I wanted to pitch my thing, and now I was in a group, trying to come up with something eles.

I was going to have to pitch twice, first to this group, then to the BBC.
I took the brief to mean that they were looking for a TV show that could be supported by a bunch of really cool web stuff.
Unfortunatly the rest of the group took it to mean the opposite. So my idea for a TV show that had clues on line was thrown out in favour of a show were people upload comedy sketches to a web site and the best are chosen to go through to get turned in to a TV show.

The guys from the BBC really liked the concept but for one tiny bit.

They've already done it. About 8 months ago apparantly. Shit. Blown it.

Then they said that the idea was working in reverse. They have loads of people watching the TV. They need people to follow the TV show to the net, not go from net to TV.

Aw crap! that was what I thought. I was right! I'd been put with a bunch of TWATS. (not actually true, they seemed really nice) who'd fucked it up for me.

"Right well screw all that" I thought "I'm gonna pitch the fuckin' thing anyway."
Everyone was packing up to go home so I barged my way to the front for a chat, to the guy who seemed to be the head guy and told him how it was a shame we'd got the brief mixed up, but as luck would have it I happened to have something that might fit the bill, blah blah blah.

The Guy listened to my 50 second long pitch and took my script. "Humm" I thought "You're gonna throw that in the bin aren't you." He flicked through it. not to read it seemed, but it at least looked like a "real" script.

"I'm going to hand this on to (some guy who's head of fiction and entertainment)" He said. Basically his boss.

"That will do" I thought.


ShadowFalcon said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, soon they'll give you your won pair of ruby slippers :-)

butterfly said...

Ballsy bitch, you are! Good luck ;-D

What about Spleenal the animated series, too?

BenefitScroungingScum said...

That's excellent news, I'll also be keeping things crossed for you, and they bend like really well! I think your stuff would work brilliantly on BBC3, so here's hoping! BG

Tom Kidd said...

So you see yourself as the Frank Morgan type?

I see I've come back to your blog and the blogging world just in time to say I knew you when. Good luck on this.

I pitched a show once. The guy loved and said he'd push it right through to the top. He was fired a week later. Funny. I wish you much better results.

Of course I want to see an animated Spleenal too.

Ash Collins said...

fucking hardcore mang. you really got in there! Thats the kind of tenacity and outright lying that marks a winner. goof luck with this shit!

Crips Pink said...

I hope that shit works out for you dude, tv's a bitch, ive had a show in production with an animation company for nearly 3 years now, they've had offers from nicolodian, fox kids and i dont know who else and still cant get it made, I seriously hope it works out for you :)

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