Thursday, November 1, 2007

ding ding round one

“What about?” I inquired. The hook was baited, but could she reel me in.
“Well there was one girly one, and one butch one…” she continued.
“So?” My interest had been pricked, but my prick was yet to be interested.
“Well why do they do that? If you’re a girl who fancies girls why would you want to get with a girl who looks a bit like a guy?” She questioned.
“A serious debate on female same sex pairing dynamics is not the sort of thing that is going to wake my sleeping lion.” I told her. “You need to be operating on a much shallower plane than that.”
“So anyway,” She continued. “I was still thinking about it this morning when I got dressed.”
Where was she going with this? Was she going anywhere at all?
“If I were into girls too what kind of girl would I be into?”
She was in the right neighbourhood, but could she find the right street?
“Well what I’m trying to get to is that, this morning when I got dressed, I dressed myself up as the girl I’d like to fuck!”


Maarten Rijs said...

Lol hahaha, love the last frame.

butterfly said...

That last frame is priceless! I don't know what makes me laugh more -- your wife's grimace of ding-anticipation or your crazed salivating leap :-D

Andrew Ross said...

Hahaha, nice.

Ken said...


Casdok said...


butterfly said...

My spleenal has arrived from merry ol' England! I'm thinking about what I want to do with him... (Shut your dirty pie hole, spleenal -- I know what you are going to say!)

In the meantime, I'm just realizing, the wife character has boobs, but NO ARMS!! what's up with that??

spleenal said...

women have arms do they?

butterfly said...

But of course, hand jobs are connected to...arm jobs? lol

Lana said...

What! Unheard of! The MAN isn't interested and the WOMAN has to convince him?! Things must be more backwards than I thought across the pond.

Although considering what you look like when you finally get turned on, I don't know how badly I'd want you to want to have sex. Scary!

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