Sunday, November 4, 2007

My first big Comic

Did this before I had a blog


Ash Collins said...

i just wantd to say that the comic was fucking epic and also awesome. wasnt ready for the grown up stuff.

Terry said...


I posted a special link to this one on my blog today.

Tux said...

I have resisted commenting due to the google sign up, but I can no longer contain myself. I love your work and cannot wait for the next gem that you let us have. Today's entry was truly exceptional, I savoured every panel. I am so glad that you let us have a glimpse into that genius mind through your comments and stories. Keep up the great work!

Rob Bodnar said...

good one!

butterfly said...

Wow, that was great...and yes, I think epic is a good word to describe it too...the whole time, I kept thinking, "Damn, spleenal must have been drawing this for hours!" & "hey, the wife looks different?" & "Cancer?? What the fuck, spleenal has cancer?? oh nos!"

I am glad to see that no one has cancer any longer. And I know now that it was an older strip -- which explains the diffs...

The post however was deeply personal and disturbing. I felt depressed for you (I'm good at it -- I am depressed A LOT.) It's painful to see where your stuff is coming (came) from, but hopefully you gain some pleasure from how much all of us really enjoy what you are doing? I dunno, sometimes nothing helps. Guess that's where the vodka comes in, yeah? ugh.

Anyway, here's to our parents fucking us all up royally! 3 Cheers for spleenal! glug glug glug *burp*

;-D V

Lana said...

Your comic was awesome! I laughed and laughed... you have a real talent for comedy! This was golden. Don't sweat that nobody wanted it... you could become famous after all if you keep up this blog. :)

As far as all the stuff after... I don't know if I'll ever be ready for marriage, let alone children, so I can relate to that. You're a big man to not resent your wife for giving you an ultimatum like that... personally I would have told her that if that's how she felt she was free to go.

Thing is, life is tough on all of us. Each of us is presented with unique challenges that shape and mold our character. For that, we should all be grateful. I know I am, every day.

Maarten Rijs said...

Tough stuff man... The comic was fucking hilarious though I dont think I have ever laughed this loud. Never met anyone with such a great sense of humor like you. Id buy your stuff for sure.

PS. whatsup with dads having younger girlfriends for heavens sake. are they trying to feel younger?

BenefitScroungingScum said...

I'm just catching up with your blog again, it's fucking awesome! Philip Larkin was spot on, the fuck you up.
Blog it out. It helps x

dankrall said...

you've really nailed the creative process. I feel like I just went to therapy reading this.

Michael said...

This is fucking marvellous

Froth said...

God I empathize. I know how that daily routine you depict in your strip goes. Though I had kids young (four of them to date and I just turned 30) I don't find the same stress about being a father but stress none the less.

I hope you one day find success as an artist. Mainly because I think you do excellent work that I can relate to but also because it gives those like me hope that I might eventually make it as well.

Dm said...

Its funny, you have the same outlook on your life as I had. My parents also gave me the runaround and I'm just now finding out that most of what they told me was crap that someone else told them.

Funny thing is...I trust them a little now that they're telling the truth about how messed up adult life is.

Thanks for putting it all out there on the line and saying what we all (most of the general population anyway...) have to deal with on a daily basis..


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