Sunday, November 25, 2007

...and relax


Maarten Rijs said...

hahahahaha, why cant she see it?

thanks a lot for your positive comment man. who are you? well your an incredibly talented artist, and very modest. (hope my english isnt bailing on me here)
thanks for the advice, i didnt mean to force you lol.

great tutorial, i really suck with photoshop, im gonna try it with some old photos right away.

i included something similar to the spleenal review in this weeks post cause the spleenal review is one of my favorite posts on your blog.

butterfly said...

Since you are a crafty guy, perhaps you should build a sensory deprivation chamber as your next DIY project -- it might help the relaxation efforts -- or at the very least, give you some good hallucinations whilst floating in salt water in total darkness!

The apoplectic little spleenal at the bottom is hilarious ;-D

valerie ang said...

Thanks for the comment. i like the spleenal strip with his wife & her socks. Hahhaa.

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