Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Who is Spleenal then?

So who is this spleenal fellow then?
I hear you ask.
He's good at drawing, he makes funny little toys, he's funny himself, he can write, he can paint (Did you see the thing i called vetex?) and draw women (Look I've drawn a woman)
He must be something somewhere what does he actually do?


I make vac form moulds.
The bit of odd shaped plastic that the toy or little cake is kept in, inside the box.

I make that bit. The tool over which heated plastic is stretched.
That's what i do.


butterfly said...

Hey! I was one of those people who asked a while back -- that sounds very cool -- you are like our very own "How It's Made" episode! You have that show in the UK too, yes? I envy your access to making your very own plastic doo-hickies, anytime you want ;-D

BTW, your comment on my Vicks blog post gave me a hearty set of giggles, thx! The idea of spread on toast is truly sickening and the foreskin one sounds like it would burn...

Lovely sketch!

toots, V

Ana Banana Nuts & Honey said...

oh! THis is beautiful! Excellent! Yes and you can draw women very well!

and wow! you make those plastic thingies! I am so impressed! Now I know who you are!

kourtney said...

Thank you :)
I like your drawing.

Rob Bodnar said...

If you create the vac form moulds, then you are a sculptor?!? I like those plastic things except this one time I bought an obscure Star Wars "droid" toy and he was taped real good to the clear plastic thingy, and was all tied up with those plastic wires. It was bad enough that a grown adult has purchased a toy, but to be frustrated extracting and wrestling it from the box, how embarrassing.....nice drawing

Maarten Rijs said...

the secret of spleenal revealed... interesting.

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