Tuesday, October 23, 2007

First Spleenal toy comes in

young and old spleenal
Hey look! The first picture of a customised Spleenal toy!
This one was done by my 7 year old son.
The one on the, er, right i think.


butterfly said...

Just got your latest comment on my blog -- sorry, no, I've just been busy and bad at checking my blog email/doing my commenting the past couple of days -- looking for a job will do that to ya!

Also, I have been ruminating...trying to think of something cool to send that wouldn't be too expensive, but also don't want it to be lame in it's inexpensiveness...

I have 2-3 ideas from which you can pick. It's a lot of pressure to think of something cool enough to not have to resort to porn -- which I was kidding about, but I backed myself into that corner -- not your fault for not knowing I was teasing ;-D

I'll post the 3 items to my blog (tonight) so you can decide on which one suits.

butterfly said...

"its" inexpensiveness, not "it's" -- makes me nuts being so anal.

Dave said...

Both are really charming actually! Great work :)

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