Monday, August 20, 2007

My concidered comments


Alina Chau said...

Fun comic!

okjimm said...

ha, how to comment on a comment that was commenting...boy you can really get lost doing that! But I really relate to the green sea thing. It was a long time ago....but sometimes it went on for days in a row. sucks.

&Rew said...

ACES as usual.


Jack Noel said...

It's funny, a vaguely similar thing happened with me the other day.

ElleVee said...

Very funny!
I thought you'd like to know that I read the first line of YOUR comment, and ran away and hid for several hours, only to be coaxed back from the safety of said closet by a friend brave enough to read the rest of your comment.

And thus, POUGHKEEPSIE TAPES once again traumatizes me.

Rob Bodnar said...

Good one. LOL

Ana Banana said... THANKS.


(means...I like you! and your comics rock!)

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