Tuesday, July 3, 2007

T Shirt design

Am I like this old fart or something?
I was on the train to work the other day, when a woman got on with her daughter. The daughter looked to me to be about seven or something, and the T shirt she had on said "Sexy"!

Now I'm not exactly what you'd call a prude.
I watch porn.
I would get drunk most nights if I could afford it.
I used to take drugs (Don't anymore, had a good time, no bad experiences, then stopped. not sure why.)
I'm what you might discribe as a degenerate, but putting your daughter in a top that says "Sexy" across where her tits havn't even started growing yet seems a bit much.

I know what you're thinking.

"You old bastard."


Marco Hasmann said...

I agree totally..

Anyway the god part is that if they go on that way, probably in a decade they wont wear any t-shirts at all

arrr.. sadly at that time I'll be an old ******* and couldn't get the best advantage of it ....

Terry said...

I'm with you on this. Another thing that drives me nuts is when they have something printed on the ass of their shorts, like "Juicy". Unbelievable. I think the less attention a preteens rear gets- the better. Unless their still in diapers, then they need some hygenic attention several times a day.

Ana Banana said...

hahhaha! yes! I agree here...there is something wrong with a 7 year old wearing such a thing. and regarding preteens crying out for attention with "Juicy" stuck on their ass...I think it's a part of adolescence -- when the insecurity kicks in. They want men to look at them (no more and no less)...it makes them feel grown-up.

&Rew said...

you should have just chosen to fuck her face.

then again, don't trust me, i think i'm where you were before you decided to suddenly stop.

wait, i'm saying to much.

my underpants say "hey, watchu lookin at? THIS THING AINT GONNA SUCK ITSELF!"

ok ok ok.

enough jokes for tonight.

¿where's my scotch?


Crips Pink said...

Man, I'm in my 20's and I totally agree, what the hell is going on out there?

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