Tuesday, July 24, 2007

t shirt design part 3


Terry said...

Oh, boy! Another good t-shirt design that I won't be wearing.

butterfly said...

Ahhh... the days when "fingered" used to mean "Accused or identified as guilty" are truly over! ;-)

Dave Shelton said...

Ah yes, I recall a school concert preceded by a speech from a teacher praising the young ladies of the string section for the many hours spent practising their fingering. Cue much stifled giggling from the cheap seats.

butterfly said...

@dave shelton

giggle giggles =;-)

huh huh huh...he said fingering...huh huh

ThanKwee-Anajo said...


I can't make out what the design is... duh...

okjimm said...

shit and howdy

where can I buy one!!!!!!!!

Ana Banana said...


I LOVE it!

and I see you, Spleenal! YOu are a cutie!

Ana Banana said...

you're glowing as if an angel! hahahahah!

Ana Banana said...

but I do see the devil, too!

&Rew said...

now i just need to:

1. buy that Tshirt

2. quit my job and get hired at a company that has an employee named Judy

3. wait for the day after the christmas party

4. wear that Tshirt


matthewgiraudeau said...

That is fantastic. I want one. I woouldn't wear it, but I want one.

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