Friday, July 27, 2007

Redhead with no clothes on number 1

Another drawing of a naked woman I'm afraid. Highlighting how lovely they are.
It seems someone has smuged her lipstick. (Wasn't me. I'm married)

To any female viewers out there who tune in for the way I highlight how pathetic us men are. don't worry. The next post will be a Spleenal cartoon.

Click her tummy button for a closer look.


Ana Banana said...

I enjoy seeing women highlighted in such a lovely way. Beautiful, Spleenal.

and men...too.

Steven said...

The freckles are a nice touch.


ThanKwee-Anajo said...

So it seems that your spleen is not the only organ that you've been venting lately.

This little redhead is super cute.Your wife isn't a redhead is she?

Strange highlights and warm and cool spots makes this little babe unique.

Freddy said...

boy she's cute!
but beware - redheads have been known to bite

spleenal said...

ana- "men too" Humm, could I draw a couple of man babes? humm, the idea chalenges my sensuality.

steven and freddy- got nowhere for me too go?

thankwee-anajo- No sorry my wife isn't a redhead. I did work hard on the highlights. She used to look "normal" before I played with her a little

spleenal said...

sorry freddy you've got two places for me to go.
Er when I say you have twoo places I can go what I meant to say was... oh never mind.

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