Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Like buses

You wait ages for a post from spleenal.
And then three come at once.


butterfly said...

Hey spleenal! I'm going to write a comment totally unrelated to this post...or even this blog! But rather, in response to your comment on my blog [I commented there, but wasn't sure if you'd come back to read I'm doing it here too. And, this has the added benefit of my enabling your fix for comments, you lush.]

--------from TBB comments----------

oooooooh! Yes!!! the mini cooper in Nightfire Red (the darker one) would be lovely...

I would also have to say a VW Beetle 2.5L (Salsa Red or Gecko Green).

The audi tt is pretty sweet though, many choices...I guess there will have to be more than one Transformer chick!

[It's fine that your comment is unrelated -- to current's actually pretty neato that you read so far down the page!!] ;-) V

Ana Banana said...


I get the feeling your boss isn't very nice.

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