Thursday, July 26, 2007

Blue haired chick with no clothes on number 1

So I'm banging a bit of colour on this cute as puppies babe when my wife comes over to see what I'm doing.
" You're not going to put that on your blog are you?" she said.
"Yeah sure why not?"
"just point out it's not me."
"okay, but I thought it was obvious. You've not got blue hair for a start."

Then she saw the title.
"Warm feelings? Ha, ha, ha, you daft bastard!' she laughed
"what's wrong with that?" I asked
"I'm going to bed. lock up will you."
"yeah sure."


Ana Banana said...

hahahah! Hello Mrs. Spleenal!'s sure giving me warm feelings.

Terry said...

Usually, blue haired women would be the last that I would want to see like this (old ladies with bluish hair for example, or Smurfette...well, I guess I wouldn't mind Smurfette), but I'm enjoying my view of this one. Good show old boy!

ThanKwee-Anajo said...

hmmmm.. So you have this thing for women fingering themselves it seems. :)

okjimm said... where is blue haired chick # 2.....and where do I get a t-shirt with # 1 on it?

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