Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Blood presure

It's caption competition time.
What is spleenal saying here?
I can't remember, I was off my face at the time.


butterfly said...

"I'm tellin' you, Doc...Anal sex and cigarettes cure what ails any man!"

[ Off the top of my head, that's what I see in the "bubble"... I'm not sure I want credit if that gets used though... :-p ]

butterfly said...

But I'll take whatever prizes might be offered, if I should ;-D

spleenal said...

butterfly your sugestion for the caption shocked me I must say.
cigarettes! thats pretty extreme.

butterfly said...

teeeheeeheee - To think, I could shock spleenal...Amazing! ;-D

ThanKwee-Anajo said...

No suggestions for the captions, but I recommend putting in comic sans.

***spleenal's blood pressure goes up a bit*** :-D

ThanKwee-Anajo said...

Ah, I've got it!

"Good Grief!"

Okay, so you can tell that I've been reading your archives. ;)

ThanKwee-Anajo said...

but I recommend putting in comic sans.

That should be putting it in comic sans.

Sorry, but hey, at least in increases your comments tally. :)

ThanKwee-Anajo said...

Oh, one more thing re that comic sans text. Don't forget the drop shadow!

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