Friday, May 25, 2007

The objectification of women in comics Part 2

Like I said earlier I've been on a couple of blogs that complain about the objectification of women in comics. But how can you not see them as objects of desire? I mean look at them! OO I feel hot, is it hot in here?
When dealing in a visual medium objectification comes first. Without knowing her (or him) You can only go off looks. That may change once you know the character. Or in real life, the person. There have been women in the past who when I first met them I wanted to fuck their brains out, but that changed once I got to know them.
I was objectified once.
I was zipping along the road on my BMX. (i was far too old for a BMX but I loved it so.. well anyway) When I flew past a couple of girls. One of the girls shouted "You're gorgeous!" Tee hee. Well it certainly brought a smile to my face and still does to this day.
I doubt that she wasn't objectifying me. She didn't want to talk to me about art or politics. I think she wanted to have a look at my cock. And why not it's a lovely cock, small but beautifully formed. (I'm saying small because it's funnier than a big cock. In reality my dick is fuckin' huge!)
I sometimes think about that moment and smile. It may be the case that loads of girls look at me and think to their selves "Oo he's gorgeous." Every day. (probably not) but I never know.

Comics are also accused of being misogynistic.
I've read accounts of how badly female characters are treated. This one was beaten, that one was torchered, she was killed, tied up, kidnapped, etc etc. You name it if it's bad it was probably done to a female character at one point or an other.
To this I say "Duh, course!" Those bad things were done by the bad guy that's what makes him bad. The girl has to be saved from something doesn't she? The bad guy character may well be misogynistic but that doesn't make the comic it's self misogynistic. It's the bad guy. It's what makes him bad.

Which brings me to sexism.
Yes it is usually the guy saving the girl. Maybe that is sexist. The girl could save the guy, she does have super powers but (and I know this is still sexist) the girl is supposed to be rescued by the guy. Men are meant to be braver and stronger than women. Maybe not in real life but certainly in fiction. Ladies would you be turned on by a guy you kept having to rescue?

A woman could save another woman in a comic and having been rescued she could perhaps find herself confused by emotions she's never felt before. (for another woman at least)and then the two could "les up" across a double splash page. Oh yes that could work. That could work very well indeed.

Sorry I lost my self for a while back there. I'm a guy sue me. Or if you're that pissed off with the way women are treated in comics write your own.


Tom Kidd said...

Even though I'm well above any kind of objectifying, I can still appreciate skill behind and high quality of the drawings and the humorous writing of the very funny spleen-venting below them.

Terry said...

Four stars. I'm with you on the writing too. Good stuff.

Ana Banana said...



laughing my ass off!

oh boy, where do I even begin to comment on this post!

and, no, I definitely do not want to save the man. I would love to be saved over and over and over again by MANY men (all at the same time). And I don't care how much that objectifies me as a woman. Women ARE sex and that's why we were put on earth. And most, these days, don't have brains (just watch any reality TV show). How else can a man look at a woman? yes, he has a dick and a woman has a vagina. That is life. That's the whole point. And you keep on objectifying us, Spleenal, I'll keep on coming back for more! And glad to hear you have a huge dick! you sex object, you!

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