Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New book!

You can read a lot on the blogosphere about how comics are sexist and how they often objectify women... and here's some more of that.
In real life it's hardly likely that a woman you just kidnapped and almost stabbed to death would give you the come on. That's the beauty of comics I guess.
Having said that normal guys could complain about the way men are portrayed in comics too. Have you seen those guys? With their tight abs and huge biceps?
For one it's an unrealistic portrail of the male body, and for another I think it's turning me gay!


Ruben Esq said...

There was a time when I actually concerned myself with feminist whining about fictional material "objectifying" women, as if suppressing expression that men's primary attraction to women is sexual will make the world a better, safer, more spiritually elevated place.

I thought this was a cruel and harsh statement when I originally heard it come out of the mouths of right wing radio masturbators, but it is true. The women who complain most about sexual objectification of women will never have to worry about men seeing them as sex objects.

Women who can be sex objects don't complain about it. They know it and use it.

"In real life it's hardly likely that a woman you just kidnapped and almost stabbed to death would give you the come on."

In real life it's hardly likely that a woman you just took out for an evening, bought flowers and drinks for will give you the come on, but we can hope, can't we? Most men know loutish behavior doesn't work from personal experience (not from the kidnapping and stabbing part, although some women treat attention from men they're not interested in as if they did), That's why the normal, well balanced men don't carry these fantasies into their real lives.

...and I feel your pain at the intimidation of drawing in a new book.

Ana Banana said...

totally agree with you, ruben esq. I would love to be a sex object for every man! And I don't mind if they all objectify me! Yes, I think it is the women who cannot be sex objects, for whatever reason, who are doing the complaining. It's all biological in my opinion. That's what life is about. Man sees woman with nice reproduction organs, woman see man with nice house. They mate, have babies and then divorce. And then they begin process again...look for next girl with nice reproduction organs, or man with nice house. Even then, married or not, it is a constant biological urge to objectify each other and have babies.

The muscles don't matter, Spleenal. It's always the house. You know, like the birds...build a better nest and so forth.

Ana Banana said...

And I would give a man a come on without the dinner, flowers, and soft music in the background. I don't know about the knife though.

spleenal said...

Ruben esq.
Thank you for your brave words.
I say brave because your not allowed to say what you think these days because opinions often offend.

Ana Banana.
Thank you thank you for your honesty.
I'm sure that a lot of other beautiful women enjoy being whistled at etc, but pretend to be offended because because for some reason you're not supposed to like it.

What kind of world is this where we've got guys thinking "she's sexy but I can't tell her, because she'd be offended" and we've got women thinking "I wish guys found me sexy."

It's all whack if you ask me.


hey man thanks for your comments;
love your characters and comic strips. I think that comic strip is the most difficult way to catch the comic reader´s attention cause if the joke is not funny it doesn´t matter how good the draw is, the strip would be meanningless.
Hugs from Spain brother!

( ^_^)

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