Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fame at last!

OO hey look at me I've been reviewed.
Those lovely people over at silver bullet comics have reviewed my site. It's tucked away nicely in the smallpress review section.
Having read the review it sounds as if the guy who wrote it is dead set against the whole comics on the internet thing, but I think I won him over with my stuff. Although he does seem to think that I'm some sort of complete fuckup.

It brought back memories though, of past reviews and the past in general. I didn't arive on the internet fully formed you know.

Click on the image below for a closer look at something from before...


Marco Hasmann said...

i really love your comic strips! They are Waaay funny.

blackfinger said...

Hey,thats epic.....remember to keep your fame in check otherwise you could end up like Paris Hilton.

Ana Banana said...

Wow! That was a great review, Spleenal! And it was accurate, too. But this..."(all blogs to me...) are a form of ego gratification for socially inept geeks" I find offensive! Socially inept geeks?! I guess I am one, too, then, Steve Saville, or wary of art critics like you...although you gave Spleenal a splendid critique indeed. And he deserves it for sure.

And your older comic is very interesting. I like it a lot. It is thought provoking and has a surreal quality that I really like. Maybe David Lynch in quality.

Anonymous said...

It's great news that you're getting some attention mr spleenal!

Keep it coming !

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