Thursday, May 10, 2007



Herge Smith said...

Quit the job. Fuck the mortgage, wife and kids and follow your artistic dreams.

Would be one option, the other...

Sniffy said...

I could just fuck my job and follow my dreams of being a lazy arse, surfing the internet all day.

I wish I was talented.

Tom Kidd said...


Well, thanks. Damn funny cartooning here. The cathartic stuff is always the best. I'm worried about Herge though. That ". . ." is rather ominous.

I'm emailing all my spleen-venting, and very funny art friends, a link to your blog.

spleenal said...

Yes Tom we all worry about Herge.
Thanks for spreading the word of spleen.

Sniffy being lazy is the first step to being tallented you're half way girl.

&Rew said...

i agree with herge - fuck wife, but not fuck kids, but yes fuck mortgage...

and with sniffy, i too wish for talent.

now i will leave so that i can sacrifice small goat for creative g_ds.



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