Wednesday, April 11, 2007


1. 1 is fine it's an odd number, but you can't hold that against it.
2. Well 2 is super cool. The first even number. Remember from school. Even good. Odd evil.
3. What a bastard. Not only is it the first bad number (in my book) but you can't divide it by anything! All nice. Real nice. Even, the way numbers should be.
5. Big surprize this one. It's odd (boo, hiss,) but I can't help but like it. I know it is odd but I think of it as being nethier odd or even.
7.9.11. Bunch of twats.
13. The pedophile of numbers.
15. Another twat.
16. Ah 16 lovely 16. Half of 16 is still an even number(8)and half of that is still even(4)and half of that is 2! It's also nice and loud on the radio in the car. What's not to love about 16.


Dirty Filthy Princess said...

hey, thanks for the comment at my site!

Cherrie said...

This must mean something to people with English TVs. Our volumes just appear as a bar gauge on the screen.

For rockin' numbers, you just can't beat 69 . . .

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