Sunday, April 29, 2007

Brown bread

Wha-hey my old mate Herge has started writing again! After more than a year doing god knows what. (it's best not to ask.) If you fancy having your head properly done in then get your self over there. My mind's too fragile I'm not going back there until he tell me it's safe.


Ana Banana said...


you are a sensitive man, too, I see!...sorry to hear about the brown bread. This might make for a good romance saga.

LFW said...

What, Audry got you brown bread instead of white? she's thinking about your digestive health, brown is healthier for you than white, y'know.

Herge Smith said...

Another saddo blogger! Why aren't you famous yet?

david santos said...

You are Master. Thanks for you work. Have a good day.

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